Effective e-learning with our learning nuggets

Micro-WBT with or without video – for all end devices

  • Perfectly integrating e-learning into everyday business with micro-content
  • Long-term learning success with a wide range of topics thanks to educationally logical learning routes
  • “Knowledge on demand” thanks to mobile capability
  • Planning security thanks to transparent fixed prices

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Our learning nuggets: Interactive micro-training with or without video


  • Our smallest learning nugget with three interactions
  • Learning time: about five minutes
  • Price: €6,400 plus VAT

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  • Learning nugget with videos and interactions
  • Learning time: 10 to 20 minutes
  • Price: starting at €15,500 plus VAT

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Nano-nugget: Our smallest learning nugget

Our nano-nugget is the perfect way for people to refresh their knowledge, to learn while on the go and to catch up on the job. With a learning time of about five minutes and up to three interactions, this is our smallest learning nugget. One popular and educationally sensible option is a combination of several nano-nuggets: By taking this approach, you can turn broad topics into bite-size tidbits that can be optimally integrated into the daily work world – and have a lot of fun while you are at it.


Planning security with our transparent fixed price

Our nano nugget is available for a transparent fixed price of €6,400 plus VAT. The best part of this deal: The price covers everything. From assistance with the concept provided by our education experts to ready-to-serve nano-nuggets with an educationally sensible and attractive interface design, ready for your LMS (i.e., as a SCORM package).

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Micro-nugget: Micro-WBT with video

Is your teaching material more extensive? If so, our micro-nugget may be just what you are looking for. With its video content and educationally based interaction, it creates an entertaining, memorable learning experience. With a learning time of 10 to 20 minutes, students will definitely not get bored thanks to the nugget’s diverse mix of video and interactions.

What will a micro-nugget look like? We will be happy to advise you in a personal meeting and let you see some of the successful micro-nugget projects.

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Do you love transparency? We do, too!

Our micro-nuggets start at €15,500 plus VAT. The exact price depends on several factors, including the desired video style, the learning time and the ultimate selection we make together from the huge range of design options available for this product to achieve your learning goal.

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Examples: Slide designs from our customer projects

Content production: easy and always on time

“Do you love planning security? We do, too. With our project management, fixed contact partners and binding deadlines, we guarantee that your content will arrive in your LMS on time – or to wherever you want to use it.”

Nicola Wörle, project manager

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Additional package mobile recap: Did you get it?

Round out your nano- or micro-nugget with our mobile recap! It enables your students to review lessons on their smartphone – at any time and at any place. Our learning cards with their high level of interaction and direct feedback motivate students, help them retain the information – and break the infamous forgetting curve.

The mobile recap (including five to ten learning cards with content or interaction) is available as a supplemental package for €1,400 plus VAT.

This is how our learning nuggets are produced



We lay the foundation for later learning success during the advisory phase. No matter whether you are interested in nano-nuggets, micro-nuggets or a complete learning route – we will work together and find the right approach for you. And if your destination is somewhat farther away, we will initially develop a draft concept for you.



This is where our concept specialists swing into action. During the briefing, we ask a large number of questions and grill you until we know your learning goals, target groups and focal points inside out. With this knowledge, we filter out relevant training content, condense it and put together the right learning concept.

Speaker and slide text

Speaker and slide text

Getting down to the nitty gritty: We create a sensible structure, come up with a common thread and formulate the content in a way that it reflects your target group and learning objectives. We will consider using suitable interactions and gamification elements to develop an educationally valuable and entertaining training course.



All content and structure set? Then, it’s time for slide design: As part of the storyboard phase, you will see all slides, buttons and navigation elements. And, of course, the illustrations for the videos if your solution includes them. You will then have a very good idea about how everything will look in the end.



The home stretch: Production begins. We start the technical implementation work, create the logic of your training program and the slides and produce the videos if ordered. We will then turn it all into your individual learning nugget.

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